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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 1 Dec

Quite often when things are not going all that well for us that we have a tendency to be inwardly focused and look at ourselves. May be we have had a horror week and we think what have I done to deserve this. Sometimes it can be the simplest of things that tip us over the edge. You are late for work or school and it was not your fault. May be it was a flat tyre or battery which mucks up your entire day or perhaps your week. May be it is health news which was not good. Perhaps you have just had such a week, and you are thinking what will come next?

If you have had a week like that then spare a thought for Gideon. Last week he had done his best to get out of a job the Lord wanted him to do. He set up some sacrifices which should have reminded him of God’s faithfulness to Abraham. He pulled down some false idols, but did not see God’s faithfulness to him. He laid out some fleeces thinking surely God will find someone else when he see how indecisive I am.

But God in His grace and faithfulness kept on revealing how faithful He was to Gideon. Even in today’s reading God would show how committed He was to Gideon. Keeping Gideon’s indecisive nature in mind he clearly showed Gideon which soldiers he wanted in the army. He clearly showed Gideon how He could win the battle, If you are facing challenges remember God is there with you. He will meet you where you are at no matter how tough the challenge.