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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 Dec

Christmas and Birthdays come but once a year. Yet the wait for each of them can be different. When it comes to birthdays, adults feel they come around too quickly, while children think they do not come often enough. The same thinking applies to Christmas. The older we get, the quicker Christmas arrives. However, spare a thought for those who were waiting for that first Christmas to arrive. Remember Anna and Simeon who waited in the temple for the promised Christ child to arrive. They waited patiently not knowing when the promise would be fulfilled. They were waiting for the fulfillment of God's promise in Genesis 3. The promise that God would send One who would come to crush the head of the evil one. It was a long time they would be waiting. Some thousands of years before the One who was to come would be born and presented at the temple. We know that time as Christmas. When we celebrate the arrival of the Christ child. For Adam and Eve they were waiting for the One to crush the head of the evil one. Of course the One coming would also be afflicted as He was nailed to the cross. As we get involved in the busyness of Christmas, it serves as a reminder that God does honour His promises. Even though those promises may be a long time in being fulfilled. Christmas has come. Let us remember God has sent the One to crush the head of the evil one. Celebrate the fulfillment of God's promise.