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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 Jun

The parable of the shrewd manager is a perplexing story. It is a story which raises puzzling questions. Is Jesus commending dishonesty in the manager? Is Jesus advocating that one can buy their way into heaven? It is a strange parable.

However, it raises an issue of priority. What are we prepared to do to ensure our future? How prepared are we to face the future? WE can become so tied up with the pleasures of this world that we pay scant attention to the future and what it holds.

The shrewd manager, when he became aware that he was about to lose his job as a manager, immediately took steps to ensure his future. He looked at his future and knew he had to do something or his future looked bleak.

Jesus commended the manager, not for his dishonesty, but for his shrewdness in preparing for his future.

This is in stark contrast to many who are facing a bleak future and fail to see the seriousness of their position before God. Like the Manager we have been dishonest at times and wasteful of what God has entrusted to us. We are going to face judgement by God just as the Manager was about to face judgement.

The parable asks us, have we prepared for the future? God has provided a way that we can have a secure future. And that security is found in Jesus Christ. Why not check out that secure future in Jesus.