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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 May

For the Christian if asked the question, “Tell me about your God?” would be an opportunity to witness. However, we must not forget that we live in a secular society where many gods are worshipped. Sometimes the description of god comes couched in Christian terms. How often do hear of the MCG as the “hallowed turf.”

If people were asked to speak of their god, don’t be surprised at what people would say. If you went to the latest census, you would discover religions such as “Star Trek”. While we might not consider such a thing as a god or a religion, yet others would. So we ought not be surprised when people start saying their god is sport such as AFL or some form of materialism such as money. Just look for what people love or what drives them. Perhaps they are seeking a better life. One of the things that came out of the 1930’s depression was that parents wanted a better life for their family. It was what drove them.

If you are asked after the service, “tell me about your god”, what would you say? How would you describe God? Would you say I follow the Creator God who created the world in which we live. He so loved the world that He sent His only Son into this world to die for my sins because I had missed the mark with who this God is. Not only that but He sent His Spirit to help me.

As Paul entered the city of Ephesus he was acutely aware that he was entering a very religious city, so he told them about the God he followed. Tell me about your God!!!