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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 10 Nov

Remembrance Day is a day set aside where a moment’s silence is taken on the 11th month, the 11th day at the 11th hour to remember the end of WWI when the guns fell silent after four years of war. For some it is a time of sadness as they remember loved ones who did not return home. For others it is a time to remember the deprivation as sacrifices were made back in the home country. For it is a time of celebration as they remember the end of the war and loved ones returned home and the ensuing peace.

A decade and a bit would see that peace shattered as war once again broke out. Although they were supposed to be the wars that would end all wars, a quick look round our world would see that is not the case.

Yet, if we travel back some 3,300 years to the time of the Judges in Israel we see it is not the case either. Whenever there was a Judge in the land there was peace. When the Judge died, the people did what was right in their eyes. However, the ensuing oppression they received from doing as they saw fit, only made them realise they were far better off under God.

So, they would cry out to God for His help. God in His grace would answer their request and raise up someone who would rescue them. May be you are fighting a challenge today. It has so oppressed you that you do not know where to turn. Do as the Israelites did and cry out to God for help in dealing with the battles you face.