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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Aug

How does one go about choosing an Ambassador. An Ambassador is one who represents the organisation that is sending them. They agree to the ideals of what the organisation stands for. The organisation could be a country so the Australian Government chooses an Ambassador to represent it in the United States or in South Africa. An Ambassador could represent a sporting club or a medical organisation.

This morning as we begin looking at Matthew 10 we discover that Jesus is seeking Ambassadors who will represent Him in this sin-cursed world. Who would the likely candidates be? Who would be prepared to serve Him as missionaries? One would think that such candidates for mission work, would be fairly knowledgeable and get on well with people.

However, to our surprise God calls Matthew, a tax collector, who is not well liked. He calls Peter who often speaks first and then wonders why his mouth got him into trouble. He calls Thomas who wants all the facts nailed down before he believes. He calls James and John who are known for losing their temper on occasion. He calls Judas who would betray the cause.

If we scrutinise the disciples Jesus called, we would have to wonder about the wisdom of calling them. But then God, in His grace, called you and me. Are we any different to those Jesus called in the 1st Century? God has chosen you as an ambassador and missionary. Go out into the harvest field where God has placed you.