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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Feb

Recently there was a train derailment in the USA. It occurred when a passenger train ran into a stopped freight train. The engine driver and the conductor were killed. How did it happen? This is what investigators want to know. How could a passenger train travelling at full speed suddenly find itself on the side track with the freight train? How could it get itself on the wrong tracks? This is a question we need to ask ourselves. Are we on the right tracks spiritually or are we hurtling headlong into disaster just as the passenger train was? To help answer that question we can read Genesis 4 and 5. In these chapters we discover two families on two very different tracks. One is headed for disaster. The other is headed for rest, safety and security. The family line of Cain is given to us in Genesis 4. They are on a track which will lead them further away from God as they commit murder and redefine marriage. The family line of Seth are on a track which brings them closer to God as they seek His face in what they do. While the family line of Cain ignore God and act arrogantly as they are driven away from God's presence. The family line of Seth are offered rest in an ark. Two different families on two very different tracks bound for very different destinations. God offers us rest as well. We find that rest in Jesus Christ. That leaves us facing a choice. Which track are we on? The track leading to eternal damnation. Or are we on the track destined to eternal rest in Christ. If we are on the wrong track then we could find ourselves like the passenger train careening towards a disaster with a freight train. Do you know if you are on the right track?