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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Jun

 2017What do you rejoice in? The birth of a baby. The wedding of a son or daughter. The purchase of your first car or house. The list would almost be endless. What did the angels rejoice in - one sinner who repents. What joy it is to see a sinner repent and turn to Christ. The apostle Paul in these verses rejoices in the blessings the Christian receives in right standing with God. After spending three chapters on the fact we are on sinners, unrighteous, ungodly and under the wrath of God, Paul indicates it is now time to rejoice. We rejoice we have peace with God. When we do not have that peace we try all sorts of ways to mask our lack of peace. We can throw ourselves into work, try drugs, go through relationship after relationship. The underlying situation is that we lack peace with the God who created us. We rejoice we have access to God. We can come to our heavenly Father any time we like. Such access is possible 24/7 because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. We rejoice that we have a hope that is certain. We look forward to experiencing the glory of God in all its fullness when God calls us into glory. As much as this world may bring us passing joys, they will pale into the backgrounds as we experience the glory of God. When it comes to God let us rejoice in what He has done in sending His Son Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord.