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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Nov

The traditional concept of marriage is under attack. Television shows such as “Married At First Sight” and “Bride and Prejudice” not only make a mockery of marriage but undermine the concept of marriage. For many it has become a relationship that can be opted in and out of at any moment.

Ezra the priest is faced with a difficult decision. What does he do with the reports that have come indicating that marriages have taken place that are clearly transgressing the laws that God has laid down about who one can marry.

It is more than just a report on who one can marry. It is a question of marrying outside the faith. In marrying outside the faith the challenge becomes “How does one remain true to God when there is a tremendous pull to follow other ways.”

And if there is that pull then as a married couple we will not pull evenly in the marriage relationship. Without the headship of Christ in the marriage there will be pulling in different directions.

Marriage is a precious gift. It is not a gift to be abused or misused. As followers of Christ we are to illustrate what a godly marriage will look like to a world that seeks to mock the gift of marriage. How is Christ honoured in your marriage?