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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 11 Oct

Do you have control of your life? Or do others run your life for you? In a very busy time, when people are time poor, we can often face the challenge of being double or triple booked and we wonder where it ends when others seem to run our lives.  Do you have control of your life? As we examine the life of Jesus, we see that it would have been very easy for others to control the direction of His life. A blind man requires sight. A storm needs stilling. A crowd requires food. A wedding needs wine. A demoniac cries out for relief. All good things that Jesus would be called upon to do! All of which had potential of bringing Jesus to turn aside from why He had come. In Luke 9:51 we see Jesu' resoluteness towards the task He had come to do. "As the tie approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem." Why was Jesus so resolute in heading for Jerusalem? It was there that the climax of His walk on earth would culminate in His death on the cross. Nothing would deter Jesus from the cross. The healing of a blind man or the stilling of a storm would not turn Jesus away from the task of obedience. When we ponder Jesus' resoluteness and His deliberate walk to the cross, we are thankful to God. Thankful that Jesus was obedient! Thankful that God has dealt with the sin that separated us from Him. Thankful that God, through the death of Jesus, has graciously brought us to His family. What is your response to the death of Jesus?