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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 12 Apr

One of the most significant events on he Christian calendar would be Easter. And if you had to pick a particular day over the Easter season it would have to be Resurrection Sunday. The day Jesus Christ was resurrected and rose from the dead. And yet as we scan our TV screens the resurrection barely rates a mention. Perhaps it says something about the state of society, when a man rising from the dead barely rates a mention. No investigative reporters go and check it out. In the original in the gospel ho do check it out are some female followers of the one they called Jesus. And they were not looking for the resurrection, they were looking for a badly bruised, blood soaked body in a tomb. 

What a surprise they uncovered. They found an empty tomb! They had divine visitation from an angel. Neither of which would be an every day occurrence. They find soldiers scared to death and not knowing what to do next and getting caught up in the politics of an empty tomb. 

What evidence did they have that Jesus had risen from the dead? It is the same evidence we are given. Granted, we cannot go back and see an empty tomb for ourselves, nor do we come across angels every day. But we do have the word of the angel recorded for us. We have the word of the women that they had actually been to the empty tomb. We have the words of Jesus recorded for us by Matthew. The question for us is simple. Whose word do we accept when it comes to believing in the resurrection?