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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 12 Aug

If you were given one dollar, what would you do with it? May be buy a cholate bar on special. If we each combined our coins what would we get? Some might say Coins For Mission. Individual coins by themselves are not worth much, but combined can bring tremendous benefit to missionaries in need.

What would you do with a mina? Your first question would be, “What is a mina?” A mina in Jesus’ day was the equivalent of 100 days worth of wages. What would you do with a mina? Buy lots of chocolate bars, Invest it! What would you invest it in?

This is the question being asked in the Parable of the Minas where a future king hands out minas to ten of his servants and then leaves to receive his kingship. Upon his return he demands an accounting of how his servants have invested the minas. One servant had made ten more. Another had made five more. Another played it safe and had not made any.

As we read this parable what is the mina for the Christian? Each of the servants have been given an equal amount. All of us have been given the gospel. How have we invested the gospel?

When it comes to our time how have we invested our time for the increase of the gospel? When it comes to our money how have we invested our money for the growth of the gospel? How have we invested in evangelism and mission for the spread of the gospel? We have been given the good news of Jesus Christ, how have we invested the gospel?