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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 12 Mar

What is it like to be forgotten? Perhaps you can think back to a time in your life where you were forgotten. Maybe as a child you were left behind in a department store. Each of your parents thought the other had the child. or maybe a position came up at work. You were well qualified, but the management overlooked you for the position. What is it like to be forgotten? We come this morning to examine the third person of the Trinity - the Holy Spirit. A person that can largely be forgotten because we take so much of what the Spirit does for granted.I started off by saying that God the Father plans salvation. God the Son procures salvation. And God the Holy Spirit provides in salvation. A starting point with the work of the Spirit is that of conviction. The Spirit works on our hearts and mins to bring us to the point where we will acknowledge that we are indeed guilty of not believing in Jesus. That we are guilty of not believing that to get to God we need to be righteous. The fact that the Holy Spirit is referred to as holy should say to us that we require holiness. That we are guilty of not believing that a judgement is coming. When have you come under conviction in any one of those areas. It is not a matter of feeling convicted. We are either guilty or not guilty. And if we are guilty then we need to repent and seek forgiveness. And without the work of the Spirit we would not repent. There are many other ministries which the Holy Spirit carries out. Ponder awhile the work the Holy Spirit does in your life which largely goes unnoticed.