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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 12 May

Today, Aussies celebrate Mother’s Day. A day to give thanks for the role mothers have played in our lives. A time to give thanks for their nurture and care. Admittedly there are some mums who do not deserve the title of mum. There are other families who journey through this Mother’s Day without a well-loved mother not being there.

While Mother’s Day is not mentioned in the Bible, we are called upon to give thanks for those who have had an impact on our lives. We also have in the Bible plenty of stories of mums. Stories that show mothers in a good light. Other stories that reveal the effect sin has on our lives.

We have Jochebed, Moses’ Mother who put her own life at risk to see that Moses lived. We have Mary who as a young mum had to flee her homeland and move to Egypt to ensure her young son, Jesus, was not killed by Herod. We have Lois (grandmother) and Eunice (mother) who read and taught the scriptures to one who would become Paul. There are many other mums in the Bible who played significant roles in the lives of their children.

As we reflect on the role of mothers and we celebrate what they have done in our lives, let us not forget to praise those mums who have sought to train their children in the ways of God. The mums who taught their children what it looked like to follow Jesus. Some mums will say it was a battle of wills to train their children to be followers of Jesus. What are you able to praise your mum for this Mother’s Day?