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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 13 Dec

Christmas has arrived once again. Does it seem that it has come rather quickly this year? With bushfires, floods, and COVID, the year appears to have gone all too quickly. As we move into the Christmas season, we hear of people getting into the festive spirit or the Christmas spirit. No one clearly defines what that is. Perhaps they mean that people have a joy that can be missing the rest of the year. Perhaps they are forward to holidays and family get togethers. Perhaps you have some thoughts on the festive spirit and what it means.

 As we come to our Scripture today we find three principal characters. We have the angel Gabriel. An angel that at various times in history delivered some important news. Checkout what he had to say to Daniel in Daniel 8 and 9. Or the news of a baby in Luke 1. 

 We then have a couple, Mary and Joseph, engaged to be married. They are told the exciting news of the coming baby. A baby who will rule a kingdom that is eternal. 

It is the arrival of this baby that brings joy for the Christian. His arrival was predicted in the Garden. His arrival was told to David when a descendant of King David’s would rule eternally. His arrival was spoken of by the prophets. We should not be surprised that this child has strong connections throughout the Scriptures. It is His arrival we celebrate at Christmas.