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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 13 Sep

In our world things do not always go as planned for us – particularly in an electronic age. You send an email hoping it will be there in a split second, instead it takes a few days. We set up for On Line Service only to discover the browsers cannot handle it.

You can add your own stories for when events did not go as planned. The followers of the Lord Jesus were not immune from events that did not go as planned. Jesus, and Peter, James and John were having an experience they would never forget with Moses and Elijah on the mountain. They didn’t want to come down. Things were going well for them.

The other nine were less fortunate. They were attempting to do ministry and restore the health of a young boy who was demon possessed and suffering epileptic fits. However, things were not quite going their way. A crowd was gathering. The father was distraught over the disciples in ability to help his son. The teachers of the law were making mocking gestures of what the disciples were doing. Things were not going as planned.

There would have been a big sigh of relief when Jesus showed up with the other three disciples. Jesus sensed the frustration in the air. He was equally frustrated with people in the crowd who only made things worse and should have known better. Jesus restored the boy much to the thanks of the father. Have you been in situations when things did not go as planned? What did you do?