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Rev. Peter Greiner

Fri 14 Apr

The news media serves up a continual diet of terror and evil. Read any newspaper or look at the TV News and you can be assured of what will take place. Acts of terror and evil. Suicide bombers in the Middle East. Terrorists using trucks to wreak havoc in Europe. Home invasions and domestic violence in our own shores. The list could go on. However, there is a question which lies behind it. Who is in control of this mess? As followers of Christ we hold firmly to the fact that God is sovereign in what is happening in His creation. But then how do we explain the killing of children in a chemical weapons attack? Is God impotent when it comes to such events?  As we ponder that question, how do we explain the cross? How do we explain God putting His own Son on the cross? Crucifixion is one of the cruellest methods of a slow agonising death that men has ever devised to use against fellow members of humanity. You more than likely died of suffocation as you tried to raise yourself up to get a breath. That is if your heart did not give out first. Where was God when Jesus was on the cross? The Bible tells us that it was in accordance with God's plan so that sin could be dealt with, people could live and enjoy peace with God. Before we condemn God for His apparent inaction, "Who is in control of your life?" If it is not God, then sin controls your life. Who is in control?