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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 14 Jun

If that statement was put to you what would you say? There would be many Aussies who would have no idea. If they do then it is a place they have been to for a wedding or a funeral. They my think it to be the building down the street with a cross on it. They may have hurtful memories or joyous ones.

What is the church? It is one of the few occasions where people come together to sing, even at a funeral. Or people try and sit still for a few minutes while someone up the front extols the virtues of the Christian faith.

What is the church? There could be many responses. It is a place where God’s people come together to worship, to praise, to adore, to give thanks for what God has done for His people in rescuing them through Jesus Christ. Just take a look at the Old Testament song book – the Psalms, and you soon get a glimpse and insight into the worship of God and the esteem to which He is held.

What is the church? If it is the gathering of God’s people then is it for worship? Or is it also to gather together to encourage one another to grow in Christlikeness? What challenge we take on there for our sins are numerous and we know the challenge of dealing with them. But it helps if we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage us.

What is the church? What would you say in response if you were asked that question?