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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 14 May

There are many forms of blindness. Physical blindness is one of the most obvious forms of blindness. Either partial blindness, tunnel vision, or total blindness. Sometimes we are blind when it comes to find socks or keys we have misplaced. However, there is also spiritual blindness where we are blind to the things of God. Such blindness is often hard to see at times. You may have been witnessing to a family member or neighbour for years and you wonder why they don't see the need for Jesus. They are spiritually blind! You attend a funeral and the gospel is clearly presented, but people don't see the need for Jesus. We want to shake people and say, "Don't you get it? You need Jesus." But still they can't see the need. Spiritual blindness affects the vast majority of people. They cannot see the need to be right with God. There are all sorts of reasons for spiritual blindness. They have grown up with a particular spiritual heritage that has lulled them into a false sense of security. They attend church at Christmas or participate in the Lord's Supper or undertake baptism thinking they are then right with God. Much the same as a Jew would have thought that participating in the many Feasts or undertaking circumcision or the Passover Feast and they come to the conclusion I'm right with God. Who do you know who displays symptoms of spiritual blindness? Pray that God will give them sight!