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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 15 Dec

At this time of year it becomes a challenge to discern what is true and what is not true of Christmas. If we were to take a straw poll of people rushing about in the shopping centres and the single question to ask is “What is all the fuss about?” What response would you get? Of course it depends on how the question is asked. If you asked, “What is all he fuss about in the shopping centres?” The response would be different if you asked people coming out of church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? And the response would be different again if you asked, “What are you doing at Christmas?”

Putting those questions aside, lets travel back to the time Luke was writing in his gospel, How would Luke respond to the questions just asked? What is all the commotion? And the answer Luke would give to Theophilus, a lover of God, would be we are waiting for the Messiah. We are waiting for the arrival of the Christ child. We are waiting for the Anointed One.

Mary and Joseph were given the most exciting news ever. Gabriel, an archangel had given the news that lovers of God had long been waiting for. Thy were not ready for it, but they were given the news nonetheless.

Come to think of it, are we ready for that news? The long awaited Saviour has come. While we rush around at Christmas are we prepared for the Saviour? If God should decide to call us into eternity, would we be ready to meet the Christ? Or is our energy focused on Christmas and not Christ?