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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 15 Jan

Many Christian living in the so called West expect life to be comfortable without too many problems or challenges. But is that what God promised those who would take up the cross and follow Him? The evangelist Billy Graham used to say when calling for people to follow Jesus that life will not be a bed of rose. Implying that although the roses look beautiful, but look beneath the surface and you get pierces with a thorn or two. Peter, as he writes his first letter to scattered Christians facing persecution, reminds these Christians facing persecution, reminds these Christians time and again that they will face difficulty and trial in their walk with Christ. Each chapter so far Peter has given warnings for trials they will face. In this chapter Peter reminds them that some of those challenges will come from people who you once thought were your close friends, but now they think you are strange because you follow Christ and will not participate in activities you once enjoyed prior to becoming a follower of Christ. As a result of your new found faith in Christ they heap abuse on you. Perhaps you've experienced such abuse yourself. When placed in such a situation Peter calls on the Christian body to support one another. They are to pray, to love, to offer hospitality, to speak and to serve on another. Have you thought about how you might support the local body at Wyndham, and the body of Christ worldwide. Prayer is a great start!