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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 16 Jun

There is the expectation that if you make a promise then you will keep what you have said you would do. What is at stake is your word and your character! So if you say you will do something, may be even take the garbage bins out, then the family expects the bins out. Or if you say you will take your child out for an ice-cream the expectation from the child is that there is an ice-cream on the agenda. If we continue on not keeping our word then people will not know if we are serious in keeping our word. We become unreliable and untrustworthy.

As we come to Malachi 3 God, our heavenly Father makes an astonishing claim. “I the LORD do not change.” Now dwell on that claim for a moment. Every promise God has made, every word God has said, He will keep. So if God has said He will bless His people, He will. If God has said He will send someone to crush the head of the serpent, He will. If God has said He will prepare a room / mansion for you, He will. If God has said He will supply your daily bread, He will. God has told His people in Malachi’s time even though they have not kept their Word, God will keep His side of the promise.

And why does God keep His Word. It is because of the statement He has made. “I the LORD do not change.” God can be trusted. People may let you down when they do not keep their Word. Your loving heavenly Father will keep the promises He has made to you.