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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 16 Sep

When building you need the right foundation. It does not matter whether it is a house, a skyscraper, or your life the right foundation is required. Of course a different foundation will be required for each. If the right foundation is not used then sooner or later what we have built will come crashing down. I have seen brick churches built using the wrong foundation and large cracks start to emerge in the walls. Although we can leave the right brick foundations up to the bricklayers.

Ezra 3 provides an example of using the right foundation. They commence by building an altar and the temple. They start with the altar. They know that to be right with God, sacrifices and offerings need to be made. This will require a functioning altar. And so they start by rebuilding the altar. This signifies a building on the right foundation. They wanted to start their new life back in Jerusalem. They wanted to start out right with God. To be right with God required sacrifices and offerings to be made on the altar.

The people could easily had pursued other priorities. Making sure they had a roof over their head. Making sure they had a comfortable home to live in. At this point in time they wanted to be right with God. When it comes to laying the foundation for your life, is being right with God part of that foundation? Or is God left out?