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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 17 Dec

When we come to Christmas much of what we call Christmas is strangely missing from the Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke. The only gift mentioned is that which the wise men brought from the land of Persia. Where in our rush to celebrate Christmas do we find mention of Jesus. Christmas carols are becoming less and less in our shopping centres in favour of something warm and fuzzy to make us feel good. When the angel Gabriel went to Mary and told her she would have a son, she was told to name him Jesus. Jesus meaning Saviour or Rescuer. Yet many today would ask the question, "Why do I need a Saviour?" Sadly, they say that because they haven't seen their need for a Saviour. They don't see that they have sinned against a holy God. Even their apathy toward Him should be enough for them to start thinking about who is this Saviour who is called Jesus. Mary took God at His Word. If God said it then that was sufficient for her to believe what God was saying. If God said she would have a child even though she was a virgin then it must be true. If God said He was to be called Jesus then that was sufficient for her to trust Him with that name. How reassuring it is to know that God can be taken at His Word. Whatever situation we face, and no matter how chaotic or how quickly our world can be shaken, we can take God at His Word and that He will be faithful and not forget us.