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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 18 Oct

One of the often asked questions in the New Testament is when will the Lord return? Jesus gave hints of it in the Gospels. The letter writers such as Paul and Peter and John also looked at the question. Their response was along the lines of, “Be ready!”

It should not surprise us then, when Paul pens his first letter, I Thessalonians, some 20 years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus that he is answering the same question. “When will the Lord return?”

Being one of the earliest letters we have in the New Testament, Thessalonians answers a host of questions when it comes to living the Christian life. How do I know I am a Christian? What is conversion? What relationship do I have with other Christians? What can I be thankful for? What changes can I expect in my life? What happens to those who die in the Christian faith? Will I suffer if I follow Christ and why?

As you read through the letter to the Christians in Thessalonica you begin to pick up on the questions these young Christians are asking.

As a young Christian yourself, what questions did you have concerning the Christian faith? If we have walked with the Lord for some time you might have even forgotten the questions you were wanting answers to. May be you have questions right now. How will you go about finding the answers?