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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 19 Apr

There are events taking place all around us which are often unexpected. It could be a storm. It could be an accident. It could be your internet disconnecting when you are in the middle of a conference call. The unexpected does happen. The question for us is how do we respond when the unexpected takes place? Is it one of mounting frustration because now your printer has run out of ink? Are you able to take such events in your stride?

Take the two events in the Bible passages of Matthew 12 and 13. In Matthew 12 there is the unexpected arrival of Jesus’ family. How does Jesus respond to the unexpected arrival? Now Jesus could have said, “Not again. My family are constantly in my road when I am busy teaching people about the Kingdom of God.” Jesus could have got frustrated with them and Himself. Instead, Jesus takes hold of the unexpected and uses it to teach people about who is in God’s family. As a matter of interest, are you in God’s family?

In Matthew 13 we have the unexpected response to Jesus’ teaching. People start off amazed at Jesus’ teaching. They then start questioning it, which in some circumstances is a good thing depending on the heart motive. They then take offence at what Jesus has taught. Where would you put yourself in regard to Jesus’ teaching – amazed, questioning, or offended?

How do you use the unexpected events in your life? You get frustrated? Or do you look for where God is in all of the unexpected?