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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 19 May

Some this morning might think that with a question like that, we hope the writer is not serious. And if he is serious then we hope it is not our church he has in mind. The church down the street, but certainly not ours. Sadly, as you drive around, we do discover churches that have closed their doors. Churches that were once bastions of the faith have shut up shop and the doors have closed. The stained-glass windows that once adorned the walls have long since been taken out. Virtually the only thing that distinguishes it as a church are the shape and perhaps a cross standing on the roof.

But why? Why did these churches close? We could put all sorts of reasons in place. We would do well to ponder why God closed the church doors. As we come to look at the Bible reading from Malachi we see God’s attitude. “O that someone would close the temple doors. I have had enough.” It does not sound like something God would say would it? Does God really want a church to close? He does if it is no longer shining as a church in a dark world?

Consider why God would want the temple doors closed. We are told that His own people no longer reverence or honour Him. We are told that His own people do not obey His instructions. We are told that people snub their noses at the worship of God. With such attitudes prevalent God has had enough. Would God close the doors on us? May God find in us a heart desirous of worship.