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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 19 Nov

How do you want to be remembered when it comes to people reflecting on your life? What will people read on your gravestone? When a budding historian writes on your life as part of Wyndham Presbyterian Church what will they discover about you as they read minute books of church meetings? Romans 16 records for us how members of the church in Rome were remembered. Some such as Phoebe were remembered for their servant heart. They were ever ready to pitch in and help when a need arose. Others such as Priscilla and Aquila took people under their wings and discipled and mentored them in the Christian faith until they could go out and teach others. Some were known for their hard work. They faithfully worked until the task was complete and then asked for further work. Some opened their homes so that the early church could meet for fellowship and teaching. Others, such as Gaius, used what they had to offer hospitality to the church. Some put their lives on the line to see the church grow. However, some were remembered for the wrong reasons. Some were remembered for their divisive nature. Rather than unite people in the church, they divided. Others were remembered for the obstacles they put in the way of people as they sought to grow in the Christian faith. When an historian does write a history of 2017 for Wyndham Presbyterian Church, how will you be remembered? By God's grace, how do you want to be remembered? Does anything need to change heart wise?