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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 2 Apr

When the word church is mentioned in a conversation, there are interesting responses. It could simply refer to a building. It could bring memories of great joy as people reflect on placing their trust in Christ and what He has done. Or it can bring back troubling and disturbing memories. The church is the people gathering around Jesus Christ. God has been gathering a group of people round Himself since the beginning of time before the creation came into being, He gathered people in the Ark. He gathered people during the patriarchs, He gathered people in Israel, He gathers people around Jesus. Why have a church? What is the purpose of the church? Church is a people gathered, displaying the grace of God. Each of God's people are an example, a trophy of God's grace as He displays what He can do in a person's life. The church is a gathering of God's people gathered to worship God. Such worship flows from the work God has been doing in His gathered people. The church gathers to encourage one another. It is easy to just drift along if we do not have people around us to encourage us and stir us along when the going gets tough for us. When the church gathers, it tells the world what is important to the people gathered. The worship of God is far more important than what the world has to offer. As you ponder the church, have you identified with a local church? Are you saying to the watching world, "My brothers and sisters in the gathered church are more important"? Who can encourage you in the church?