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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 2 Dec

There is a word that is repeatedly used by Paul when he writes to Titus. It is the word “good”. It is used at least six times. Paul concludes the letter by reminding the Christians that they are to devote themselves to doing good. But what would such good works or deeds look like?

We might consider good deeds to be helping a friend move house. Or helping out someone who is down on their luck so to speak. They are good works to do and we could think of more good works to do.

When Paul instructs Titus to teach the Christians to do good, then what is he asking to be instructed. There are a number of instructions in Titus 3. What is the good we are to do? Start with verse 1. The good we do involves being subject to rulers and authorities. The good involves being obedient. The good involves being peaceable. The good involves being considerate. The good involves showing humility.

The good involves responding to the salvation God offers us in Jesus Christ. The good involves avoiding foolish arguments. The good involves dealing appropriately with divisive people.

What good have you been doing since you became a follower of Jesus Christ?