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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 2 Jun

With the explosion of electronic means of communication, phones are no longer phones. Emails can be sent around the world in the blink of an eye. Text messages can be sent with equal speed. Facebook and Twitter and other forms allow opinions to be expressed whether favourable or unfavourable, encouraging or discouraging. Electronic communication can draw people together or cause such offence that people no longer speak with one another.

Has the ease of means of communication enabled us to relate better to one another? Apparently not! With the ease of electronic communication, we are the poorer for it. Studies show that we are struggling to communicate and relate to one another in a real and meaningful way. In other words, we no longer know how to talk with one another. We have lost the means of communication. We see that as people have their faces buried in their phones as they walk down the street expecting you to get out of the way. Or they sit next to one another, rather than talking face to face they talk via their phones.

In Malachi’s time there was a communication problem. In their relationships they did not know how to relate or keep faith with one another. God told His people not to break faith in their relationships and in their marriages. Jesus sets the example for us in keeping faith in our relationships. Look to Him for help in being faith keepers as we relate to people.