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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 2 Sep

It is a bold statement to make. “God Is Sovereign Over All!” It is a challenging attribute to ponder. Our sinful human nature leads us to think that if God is sovereign then He can’t be very loving if he allows tragedy or terrorism or disaster or illness to strike us. It points us to think that He can’t be all that powerful as a Sovereign if these events are taking place.

Ezra Chapter One tells us how sovereign God is. God moves in the heart of a powerful king who ruled over the vast Persian Empire. God moved in the heart of this King to release God’s people from exile and encourage them to return to Jerusalem. Upon return to Jerusalem, they were to rebuild the temple.

Given what happens in the opening chapter of Ezra, we are left with some piercing questions. Is the God we believe in totally sovereign? If that is the case, then how does His sovereignty reveal itself in our lives? If God can move in the heart of a superpower king, then He can work in the hearts of politicians at Various levels of government. If God is sovereign, then even the littlest of things do not escape His notice. They are all part of the sovereign God’s plan of bringing everything under the headship of Christ. What we see as a disaster is not in God’s good and perfect plan of things. Even the tragedy of the cross achieved something we as sinners could not. Give thanks to the sovereign God for bringing us into His family.