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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 20 Aug

Who would you give your life for? A mum or dad might say they would give their life to enable their child to live. They might act as a kidney donor to ensure their child lived. Would you do such a thing for a complete stranger? Would you give your life for someone who you didn't like or they didn't like you? Would you give your life for someone who had a very different belief or moral system to you? Apostle Paul faces a similar challenge in Romans 9:1-5. The implications of the gospel are sinking in. Anyone in Christ will not be separated from the love of God. Anyone who is not in Christ faces eternal separation from God. Realizing such a separation will take place, and that such a separation will not be pleasant, Paul makes a heart-felt plea that he would swap places with those who face eternal separation and damnation in hell. It is hard to believe someone would make such a swap. Paul knows of course that what he is asking cannot take place. Those not in Christ are destined for eternal separation. These few verses give us a glimpse of Paul's heart-felt concern for those who are lost. It challenges us living in Wyndham to consider our concern for those who are not in Christ. Paul is cut to the heart regarding those who think they are right with God but are not. He has great sorrow and unceasing anguish for his people who are not in Christ. May out concern lead us to pray and speak the good news of Jesus to those not in Christ.