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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 20 Mar

Palm Sunday is a day when the Christian church traditionally remembers and ponders Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. It is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter. Up until this point in time Jesus had told those whom He had helped or healed in some way, not to tell others who He was. But now the covers have come off. Jesus is openly declaring HIs kingship. He is the One that many in Israel had longed for. Jesus comes humbly riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. It was custom in those days for an all conquering king, to come riding into a city he had conquered and captured. He would come riding on a mighty warhorse with the might of his armies with him. It would be a remarkable sight of behold. Jesus did not come riding on a mighty warhorse. He came on a donkey. He came humbly and gently. You could imagine the reaction. "You call yourself a king, riding on a donkey?" You could hear the mocking in their voices. "Where are your armies to defeat the Romans?" Little did they realize Jesus had a heavenly spiritual army backing Him. Others shouted, "Hosanna" meaning save us. On Palm Sunday, Jesus announces His kingship. It is easy for us to say Jesus is King and to sing of the fact that Jesus is King, but saying Jesus is king has implications. If Jesus i s king of your life, what does it mean for you personally? If Jesus is king of your family, what does it mean for you as a family? If Jesus is king over your workplace what does that mean as you work for Him? What does it mean to have Jesus as King in charge of your life?