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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 21 Jun

Many things come to mind when we start talking about the future. Are we talking about the immediate future? What I will do in the next 24 hours. Are we talking about the distant future? What will happen to this solar system? Or is it some period in between like who I will marry or what job I will have or where I will live?

Many questions come to mind when we think about the future. What though does Jesus tell us of the future?

Do we talk about His second coming and much discussion takes place but we should remember that even Jesus said that there is only one who knows when the Son will return and that is our heavenly Father.

Do we talk about the coming judgement? It is a subject we would prefer to steer clear of, perhaps because we don’t like being judged ourselves for our sins. Nonetheless Jesus did warn His followers that there was a judgement coming centred on what we have done with the Son, Jesus Christ.

An obvious part of the future which we all must face is death. Death is on our minds at the moment due to the covid 19 virus or the death resulting from a car accident or a gang attack. What ever the discussion we all will face death. What happens at death? Where will I be when I walk through death’s door? How do I know there is life after death? Jesus promised his troubled disciples that He would leave them in death but would return to take them with Him. Are you prepared for Jesus to take you?