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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 21 Oct

“Why Am I Here?” is a question we can approach from different aspects. We can look at it from the point of view as to why I am in church this morning? For some it is to worship God or to be encouraged or to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ? For others you were dragged along by a family member. For others you have no real idea as to why you are here. I want to put it to you that you are here because the God we follow and worship raises up people to fulfill His purposes.

This morning we are introduced to the character of whom the book is named after – Ezra. It has taken us well over half the book to get to him. Yet God has raised up Ezra to fulfill His purposes. Ezra is to leave the familiar life he had in Babylon and move to Jerusalem – a city he had heard of from his forebears, a city he had not actually visited or lived in. Are you comfortable where you are now? You have just got your house the way you want it? God comes along and asks you to move to a place you have heard of, but never actually been there. This is part of the challenge Ezra is facing.

However, Ezra also has the task of telling the people to whom he is going to live amongst, just what a holy God requires of them. God has given us the task of telling the people whom God draws across our path, just what God requires of them. God raised up Ezra to fulfill His purposes. God is still raising up people in Wyndham who will serve Him. Are you allowing God to fulfill His purposes in you?