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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 22 Nov

If you lived in Canada, what side of the road do you drive on? If you lived in NSW what do you do when exiting a roundabout? Simple questions! They are road rules. Yet if you don’t know the road rules they could see you in trouble with the law. They tell you how to relate to other motorists on the road. Jesus has been talking about another kingdom - the kingdom of heaven. What laws apply in the kingdom of heaven? How are His followers to relate to one another in this new kingdom? Is the Old Testament law operational in the new kingdom? It is these questions that Jesus’ followers are thinking through as they endeavour to work out the intricacies of this new kingdom they are entering. Jesus had three words to say regarding the place of the Law. He had not come to abolish it. Jesus is not doing away with law. He had come to fulfil it. The law pointed to Jesus. He had come to uphold it. The followers of Jesus will obey the law. If the citizens in the kingdom of heaven want to know how they were to relate to one another they look at the Old Testament law. A law summarised in the Ten Commandments. A law Jesus succinctly states as love the Lord your God with all your heart and should and mind and strength and love your neighbour as yourself. Road rules tell us how we relate to other motorists on the road. God’s law tells us how we relate to Him and to one another. Are there any particular laws you find difficult to obey?