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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 22 Nov

Our world has many different views on death and dying. There are those who tell us that death is it. There is nothing more. Once the final siren has sounded there is no life after death.

There are those who take the path of re-incarnation. You return as something else. Then there are those who believe they are one with nature. And the list goes on.

But what about the Christian? What do they believe? This is the question being asked by the young in the faith Christians at Thessalonica, barely a few weeks old in the faith.

The Christian believes in the resurrection of the dead. Such belief centres on the death and resurrection of the dead through Jesus Christ. Such belief gives great comfort for the one who is dying. There is life after death. What a glory awaits us.

But there is a double guarantee with eternal life. Yes! There is Jesus’ resurrection. And the fact is Jesus is returning. He is coming back to get you. Ho marvellous, how wonderful that will be.

Jesus will honour the promises He made to His followers when their hearts were troubled. I am preparing accommodation for you in my Father’s house. Take comfort in the resurrection. There is life after death.