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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 22 Oct

We all hold different opinions on various matters. Just start talking about politics or religion or death or taxes and you will find a multitude of opinions out there. Talk about AFL and you will raise a host of different opinions. When it comes to Christianity, we discover there are differing opinions. Perhaps the most famous one is the difference of opinions that occurred between Paul and Barnabas over the suitability of Mark as a missionary. Barnabas and Paul were in sharp disagreement over this matter. How then should we treat and respond to those who will have a different opinion to our own? Paul's first instruction is to determine if the matter is disputable. In other words, is the matter something that is essential to be Christian, or is it a non-essential? Now in the church at Rome there were two disputes. Should one be a meat eater or a vegetarian in order to be a Christian? Paul indicates that in matters that are disputable, the more mature Christian should accept the broth or sister in Christ whose faith and knowledge is weaker. But also those who are strong in the faith and those who are weaker should not look down upon nor show contempt towards a brother or sister in Christ who holds a different opinion on a matter that is of a disputable nature. If we are having trouble with a brother or sister in Christ, then heed Jesus' instruction and go to them and seek resolution of the matter.