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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 22 Sep

As we have moved through the good news that Matthew presents us with we have seen Jesus exercise power over storms, over illness, over the spiritual realm, over death and over the Sabbath. We have seen Jesus give an invitation to come and join Him. We have seen something of His heart – humble and gentle.

Matthew gives a further picture of who Jesus is when Matthew quotes one of the servant songs from the prophet Isaiah. You will find it in chapter 42 of Isaiah’s prophecy. There are many things said of Jesus in the servant songs. They are traits of the servant which brings us enormous comfort.

We are told that He will proclaim justice. And how we need justice in an apparent unjust world. We are told that a “bruised reed He will not break.” How often have you been bruised and you wonder if you will ever straighten up again and remain straight? The servant comes along and offers to help you in the midst of your bruising to remain straight. We are told that “a smouldering wick he will not snuff out.” We have all encountered the challenge of keeping a candle a light when there is a breeze blowing. We have watched as the monthly birthday cake is brought out and the breeze threatens to snuff out the candle, and snuff out the light the candle provides.

We have pictured here for us in this servant song, a servant whose desire is to come alongside of us and gently hold us where we have been bruised, and help us to stand once again.