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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 23 Aug

One could suggest many reasons as to why the world the way it is.  We could blame climate change.  We could blame evil.  We could blame the selfishness of man.  If asked the question what answer would you give?  Certainly the world is a long way from when God looked at what He created and said it was very good (Genesis 1:31).   Genesis Three tells us man was placed in a perfect garden but insisted on having God on their terms.  When God laid out the terms and conditions of staying in the perfect garden there was one tree they could not eat from (Genesis 2:16-17).   Adam knew it was wrong to eat from the tree but he still did so.  And even though Eve was deceived when she ate, Adam knew full well what he was doing when he disobeyed God’s word. And when Adam and Eve realized what they had done they tried to cover up their disobedience by hiding from God.  What are we hiding behind in order to cover up the fact that we have disobeyed God’s commands?   However not only was their relationship with God affected, so too was their relationship with one another.  When asked about what they had done, they started playing the blame game.  Eve blamed the snake rather than owning up to what she had done.  Adam blamed Eve and God rather than taking responsibility for his action.  Not much has changed since the incident in the garden.  When we do something wrong, do we own up and take responsibility, or try blame someone else, or blame our environment?  Perhaps we need to take ownership of something we have done?  Who do we need to talk with?