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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 23 Aug

There are many things, objects, people that we can build our lives around. We may not admit it but we have all built our lives around something. Go back earlier this year when AFL was put on hold after the first round of games and the disappointment that many felt. Or when the first round of lockdown measures were put in place and you were not allowed fishing or golfing. For others they build their lives around family or work, or simply being a success at something.

It would do us well to ponder for a moment and honestly ask what our life is built around? Has what we have built our life around become an idol of some kind that we cannot seem to get away from?

In today’s verses, the apostle Peter speaking on behalf of the other apostles is asked two simple questions. They not only reveal what we have built our life around, but also our eternal destination. The first question is fairly harmless. “Who do people say Jesus is?” And if we were wandering down Watton Street and asked the question of passers-bye we would get a whole range of responses.

It is the second question that it becomes a bit more pointed and personal. “Who do you say Jesus is?” The question asks for you to lay your cards on the table and declare who you think Jesus is. It is asking whether you have built your life around Jesus. There are many things or people we can build our lives around in this world. What is life built around? Start now to build your life around the foundation of Jesus.