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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Dec

Christmas is nearly upon us. The excitement builds as we wait in anticipation as to what our gifts will be like. A pair of socks which are quite practical but generate little excitement. Maybe it is the usual chocolate which you have to admit you do like. Maybe it is completely unexpected. What will your gift be like this year? As we ponder possible Christmas gifts what about the greatest gift of all - the gift of God's Son, Jesus Christ? To discover more of this gift we listen to Mary's Song. What does Mary have to say concerning the God she glorifies and rejoices in? Mary sings that this God is her Saviour as she ponders what this God has saved her from. As Mary sings she brings to mind the great things, even the hurtful things God has brought into her life. She considers the power of this God as He unseats the rich and powerful from their thrones. Mary sings of this God's faithfulness to His people in the sending of the Saviour. Mary reflects on the attitude to cultivate in a relationship with this God. She reflects on a humble heart. Mary considers the respect and reverence this God calls for as we walk in fear of Him. Mary's world is thrown into turmoil and uncertainty as the angel reveals what the next few months hold for her as the Christ child is born. As you ponder Christmas, have you taken the time to discover and unwrap the gift of Jesus Christ?