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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Feb

Foundations are put down for many things. A foundation is designed to hold in place what sits on top of it. Under your house will be foundations that hold the walls in place. Under the church are foundations to hold the floor and walls. When you drive into Pacific Werribee Car Park are foundations holding the various levels in place. We don’t take much notice of foundations until something goes wrong. Like the apartment tower in Sydney where cracks are appearing in walls and floors due to the use of low-grade cement.

Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount with a challenge to examine the foundation upon which your life is built. If you put Jesus’ words into practice in your life then you are considered a wise man. Why? Because you are building your life on something that will last and not collapse when the first bit of tress or pressure or storm hits your life. You will not be blown away in the first bit of wind that comes along. Is your life built on a foundation that will stand the test of time?

The alternative is to be foolish and build on a foundation that eventually gives way when a storm hits. Just consider some foundations that appear solid but then give way. Jesus aid be careful of putting your trust in wealth where moth and rust will eat it away. Your money appeared a safe foundation, but it didn’t hold up. What are you currently building your life upon? There is one safe option. Jesus said he who builds his life on my Word is wise? Are you wise?