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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Mar

Jesus has been telling any who would listen that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming. He has indicated in a sermon to His followers how to act and treat one another. He has given proof that He is the Christ.

In the verses from Matthew 8 that we look at today Jesus gives an indication of the cost that will be involved should you decide to heed the call of God upon your life and follow Him. Jesus has already given hints in His sermon on the mount that there are costs we need to take into consideration when making such a decision. To follow Jesus will involve persecution. It will involve insults. It will involve people saying things that are completely untrue about you. Are we ready to face such a cost?

Of course there are other costs. In Matthew 8 there is the facing of the cost of family involvement. Do we forgo family activities in order to follow our Lord? Are we weighing up that cost? Are we willing to forgo creature comforts in order to follow our Lord? Jesus tells us to consider the cost.

As we move through the New Testament Paul indicates in his letters that we can expect suffering. Read Peter’s two letters and you discover similar words. May be there are other costs you have come across as you have journeyed with the Lord? Lost job opportunities because you have stood your ground as a follower of Jesus. Jesus is ushering in His kingdom, weigh up the cost of being in that kingdom as you heed God’s call!