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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 May

If we were able to time travel and place ourselves back in the first century Israel, what would people be saying of Jesus? We know what they did think when Jesus asked his followers that exact question. Check it out in Matthew 16:13ff. Was Jesus a miracle worker? Was He one of the prophets? Was He simply a wise man teaching people how to live according to God’s commands as He wandered the countryside?

Just who is this Jesus? Is He the suffering servant who took upon himself the transgressions of his people as Isaiah 53 predicts? Is He the one the prophets looked forward to? Is He the one who would reverse the effects of the poor choice made in the Garden of Eden. It would be good to think that people are still asking the question of who is this Jesus? As we read the Bible we discover Jesus is the Son of God. We read that He came to save His people from their sins. He performed many miracles in order to authenticate the fact that He is the Son of God. As He comes, He ushers in a kingdom, the likes of which has not been seen. A kingdom in which He is king.

If Jesus asked the question today, “Who do people say I am?’, what response would be given? Many of the responses given in the first century would be given again today. Why not pray about who you can ask the question of, “Who do you say Jesus is?” It could make for a fascinating discussion for you as you share the good news of Jesus.