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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 24 Nov

One of the troubling signs in our community and our nation comes down to a matter of trust. Who can you trust? Can you believe people when they say, “Trust me!” And it is not only politicians we are cynical about. It can be a work colleague. It can be a family member.

What happens if the person you are placing your trust in happens to be God? Can I take God at His Word?

This was the question plaguing Gideon. God was appointing Gideon as a Judge and leader of His people. Gideon had concerns. He looked at the circumstances his people had been placed in. God was supposed to be blessing His people and doing marvellous things for them. Instead God’s people are forced to live in the mountains and hide in caves.

This was certainly not what Gideon had thought it would be like living as one of God’s people. It was convenient for Gideon to pass over the fact that the people had broken covenant, forgotten God, and committed evil in the eyes of the LORD.

God could be taken at His Word. God’s Word could be trusted. The problem was the people could not be trusted when it came to their Word. Gideon was following in the shoes of the people all around him. They trusted in their idols. Gideon’s family did the same. Which is why God instructed Gideon to deal with the idols of false worship in his own home first. God could be taken at His Word if Gideon would take Him at His Word.