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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 25 Dec

Most of us if we are honest with ourselves are not very patient. Particularly at this time of year as we try to find parking in the multi-story carpark at Pacific Werribee or down on Watton Street. It does not take much to set us off or get us frazzled as we become impatient in a checkout queue which always seems to be moving slower than the one next to you. I won’t ask you to publicly admit how impatient you have been in the last week or so. And that impatience usually expresses itself in anger of some sort which we take out on our family members or close friends. And all because of the busyness of Christmas. While we deal with our impatience which may only last a week or two as we journey through the Christmas rush, spare a thought for the first century when Jesus was born. His family had travelled on foot from Nazareth to Bethlehem and now Jerusalem. Jospeh and Mary are both thinking when will we get home. Spare a thought for Simeon. He had been waiting in the temple to see Jesus according to the promise given by God and he kept on waiting until the time came. Spare a thought for the prophetess Anna. Getting on in years she too was waiting for Jesus. And finally His parents bring Him into the temple according to the custom of the Law. How long would you wait to see the Christ? The people just mentioned devoted their lives waiting for Jesus. Would you have become impatient with God and walk out? Or like Simeon and Anna, give praise and thanks to God? Are you even looking for the Christ?