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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 26 Aug

God has given us a place to live. You can call it planet earth. But if you were the creator would you allow man to take residence. Genesis One tells that man rebelled against their Creator in the Garden. When God planted a vineyard in Isaiah’s time He placed His people in it.

God expected His people to manage the vineyard until He returned. He kept sending messengers and prophets and preachers to remind His people of what was expected.

The people appeared to take no notice of what the messengers said. They threw God’s servants out, they beat others, until God sent His only begotten Son to speak to them. Thinking here was a golden opportunity to seize control, the tenants killed the Son by nailing Him to a cross.

In refusing to heed the messengers God sent, they were in effect refusing the very means that could save them. They rejected God’s Word. How many today have done exactly what the tenants have done? They have refused to pay attention to what God is saying. It is a serious thing to reject the Word of God. Eventually God will take action with those who reject His Word. If you were to place yourself in the parable, would you be seen as the tenant in need of obeying God’s Word? Or are you seen as the servant who brings God’s Word of grace?