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Rev. Peter Greiner

Sun 26 Feb

"Tell me about your God?"The Apostle Paul would have longed for someone to ask him that question as he did the tourist strip in Athens and came across a plaque stating "To The Unknown God." But no one asked him that question. Instead, Paul decided to give an open-air talk on the God he worshipped and followed. He is the Creator God. He doesn't need human hands to serve Him. He created man and established the nations and the times. He doesn't require a temple to live in nor gold statues made in His likeliness. Much of what Paul said they may not have agreed with but they tolerated what Paul had to say. After all they needed to be able to rebut what Paul said. What got them upset were his words about the resurrection. The couldn't accept the fact that God had raised Jesus from the dead. Or may be they got upset that this God is one day going to judge all people, and God gave proof that this would take place because He had raised Jesus from the dead. Paul told them about His God whom He followed. The response? Some sneered! Some wanted to hear more. Tell me about your God? If someone asked you that question, do you have a response ready? God is a God of love, of justice, of compassion, of wrath, of forgiveness, of judgement. God is sovereign in all He does, whether in His creation, or in His actions, or in His salvation that He offers. Tell me about your God?